Ultrasonic Cleaner Pot

A Must Product for sterilizing all your tips, grips, forceps and other studio materials.

Light weight and portable.

 Price: 4500Rs



Rubbing alcohol for cleaning the work area and skin. Made In USA

Price: 250Rs

Hand sanitizer

Best for waterless hand wash. Gel base hand sanitizer


Price: 350Rs

Tatwax - Single Tin.

1Oz  (not 0.5oz) 

Price: 150/ tin

Sharp Object Disposal Contaner

Essential Bio Hazard Equipment

Price: 300Rs


Branded Hand Latex Powder Free Gloves  NEW PRODUCT

High Quality Latex medical grade Hand Gloves. 
100 Pcs per Box. Size: Small. Medium, Large

Price: 350Rs


3M™ Micropore™ Medical Tape

A latex-free, hypoallergenic paper tape that is gentle to the skin yet adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal.

An economical, general purpose, breathable surgical tape. Available in white or tan.

Price: 350Rs/Box


 Soft Tissue

Best Disposable soft Food Grade paper Tissue for cleaning your tattoo & Workplace


Blue color

Price:500Rs (pack)

Disposable Cover for Machines 

Virgin Plastic bag with Rubber Band Neck for perfect grip while making the tattoo.

Price: 350Rs/ Pack

Clip Cover:350Rs

Disposable Apron


Zip/Cling wrap

High Quality Food Grade Cling Wrap 30cm X 30cm.

A Best way to preserve Fresh tattoo from Dust & Foreign Particles.



Disposable clip cord roll

360Meter Clip cord cover roll is the best solution to protect clip cord. It comes with corrugated dispenser. Roll out the require size and cut it. 4 times bigger than normal clip cord cover boxes

Price: 650Rs



A&D Ointment

Each box contains 144 pouches of 5 gram each. 
Each pouch is sufficient to apply three times on a 10 inch tattoo.
Helps to heal tattoo very nicely without contaminating the ink of the tattoo. 
Best Recommended after care for tattoo, Our Rensow & H&H Brand A&D is fragrance free and Made in USA 
Quality tattoo healing ointment, contains Vitamins A and D in a base of anhydrous lanolin and petroleum to protect and smooth skin without reacting with the tattoo ink. 
Recommended to apply on the Fresh tattoo for first three days very thin layer three times a day.

 Price: 300Rs [25 pouch]

Price: 1600Rs [1Box =144 pcs]



     Tattoo Goo (Made in Usa)

Tattoo Goo aftercare products are a combination of vitamins, herbs, and other ingredients developed especially to aid your body in the healing and protection of a new tattoo. The majority of products currently used for the aftercare of new tattoos were designed to prevent infection in cuts, burns, and scrapes - not for healing and aftercare of new tattoos.                                                                           

0.75oz a pcs, 24 pcs a box | 0.33oz a pcs, 36pcs a box

0.75oz= 300Rs, 0.33oz= 200Rs







Wooden Stick

Are you still using your finger to remove Jelly/A&D?
 Must product for hygiene
 Don’t contaminate your Petroleum Jelly/ A&D
 Can be used for tongue depression 

Price: 30Rs/50gm (Approx48Pcs)