Eternal Inks, USA

One of the most poluar Inks Brand, Recommended By many top artist from the industry. Available in 1oz at 600Rs

Skincandy Inks, USA,

Flagship Ink by EXPANDABLES & MIAMI INK . Vegan Safe and organic. The opacity and tint strength is second to none and flies in the skin effortlessly. It has been thoroughly tested and is bottled in our on-site clean room facility.

we have all 125 shades. Available in 1oz at 550Rs & 4oz at 2000Rs & 1/2oz at 300Rs....permanent makeup ink 1/2 0z at 1000Rs

 Tommy's Starbrite Inks, USA

Worlds one of the largest selling ink. We have all Shades of the starbrite ink line. Starbrite is the trademark by Tommy's Tattoo Supplies, USA. The safest and Most popular inks on the market.

Available in 1/2 oz at 300Rs & 1oz at 500 & 4oz at 1800Rs

Intenze Ink, USA

Intenze ink are the original creation of Mariobarth, intense inks are litle thin in the pigment which help itto flow in the skin Even with the tightest needles. Available in 1oz at 600Rs

Dynamic Color Co, USA

ONE trusted name all over the world for the BLACK. evrywhere you will get the dynamic Black for Solid Fill or tribal. 

Available in 8oz at 2000Rs

SilverBack Graywash Series, USA

Undisputed name for the shading or grawash. every portrait artist trust it and use it. only one leading name in portrait series. Comes in X1, X2, X3, X4. set of four 1oz bottle. Set is avilable at 2400Rs. Single bottle 600Rs



Kurosumi inks, Japan


Undisputed name for the outlining and shading inks. Made by the masters from Japan and imported from USA. Kurosumi Outlining, Shading Ink.

Available in 6oz 1200Rs and 12oz 2000Rs