S.R. NoTaper SizeType Of NeedleSizePrice

Liner Needle


112XX/10XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle1 Round Liner Needle600
212XX/10XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle3 Round Liner Needle600
312XX/10XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle5 Round Liner Needle600
412XX/10XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle7 Round Liner Needle700
512XX/10XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle9 Round Liner Needle750
612XX/10XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle11 Round Liner Needle750
712XX/10XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle14 Round Liner Needle750
812XX/10XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle18 Round Liner Needle800


Shader Needle


912XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle3 Round Shader Needle600
1012XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle5 Round Shader Needle600
1112XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle7 Round Shader Needle650
1212XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle9 Round Shader Needle650
1312XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle11 Round Shader Needle750
1412XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle14 Round Shader Needle800
1512XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle18 Round Shader Needle850

Magnum Needle

1612XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle5 Single Stack Magnum Needle550
1712XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle7 Single Stack Magnum Needle600
1812XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle9 Single Stack Magnum Needle650
1912XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle11 Single Stack Magnum Needle650
2012XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle13 Single Stack Magnum Needle700
2112XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle15 Single Stack Magnum Needle750
2112XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle19 Single Stack Magnum Needle850
2112XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle23 Single Stack Magnum Needle950
2212XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle5 Double Stack Magnum Needle550
2312XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle7 Double Stack Magnum Needle600
2412XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle9 Double Stack Magnum Needle650
2512XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle11 Double Stack Magnum Needle650
2612XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle13 Double Stack Magnum Needle700
2712XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle15 Double Stack Magnum Needle750
Flat Needles
2812XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle5 Flat Needle500
2912XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle7 Flat Needle500
3012XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle9 Flat Needle600
Round Magnum Needle
3112XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle5 Round Magnum Needle550
3212XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle7 Round Magnum Needle600
3312XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle9 Round Magnum Needle600
3412XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle11 Round Magnum Needle700
3512XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle13 Round Magnum Needle700
3612XX50 Pre Sterilized Needle15 Round Magnum Needle800
Bug Pins Needle
37 50 Pre Sterilized Needle3 Round Liner Needle600
38 50 Pre Sterilized Needle5  Round Liner Needle600
39 50 Pre Sterilized Needle7  Round Liner Needle650
40 50 Pre Sterilized Needle9  Round Liner Needle650
41 50 Pre Sterilized Needle11 Round Liner Needle750



227JAG0011203RSJAGUAR60050PCS/BOX 450
228JAG0021205RSJAGUAR60050PCS/BOX 450
229JAG0031207RSJAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
230JAG0041209RSJAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
231JAG0051211RSJAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
232JAG0061214RSJAGUAR80050PCS/BOX 600
233JAG0071218RSJAGUAR85050PCS/BOX 638
234JAG0081211RLJAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
235JAG0091214RLJAGUAR80050PCS/BOX 600
236JAG0101218RLJAGUAR85050PCS/BOX 638
237JAG0111011RLJAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
238JAG0121014RLJAGUAR80050PCS/BOX 600
239JAG0131018RLJAGUAR85050PCS/BOX 638
240JAG0141205M1JAGUAR60050PCS/BOX 450
241JAG0151207M1JAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
242JAG0161209M1JAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
243JAG0171211M1JAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
244JAG0181213M1JAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
245JAG0191215M1JAGUAR85050PCS/BOX 638
246JAG0201217M1JAGUAR85050PCS/BOX 638
247JAG0211219M1JAGUAR85050PCS/BOX 638
248JAG02221M1 JAGUAR90050PCS/BOX 700
249JAG02323M1JAGUAR90050PCS/BOX 800
250JAG02425M1JAGUAR100050PCS/BOX 800
251JAG02527M1JAGUAR100050PCS/BOX 800
252JAG02629M1JAGUAR110050PCS/BOX 800
253JAG02731M1JAGUAR110050PCS/BOX 800
254JAG02833M1JAGUAR120050PCS/BOX 800
255JAG02935M1JAGUAR120050PCS/BOX 800
256JAG03039M1JAGUAR130050PCS/BOX 800
257JAG03141M1JAGUAR130050PCS/BOX 1000
258JAG0321205M2JAGUAR60050PCS/BOX 450
259JAG0331207M2JAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
260JAG0341209M2JAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
261JAG0351211M2JAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
262JAG0361213M2JAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
263JAG0371215M2JAGUAR85050PCS/BOX 638
264JAG0381205FJAGUAR60050PCS/BOX 450
265JAG0391207FJAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
266JAG0401209FJAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
267JAG0411211FJAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
268JAG0421213FJAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
269JAG0431215FJAGUAR85050PCS/BOX 638
270JAG0441205RMJAGUAR60050PCS/BOX 450
271JAG0451207RMJAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
272JAG0461209RMJAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
273JAG0471211RMJAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
274JAG0481213RMJAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
275JAG0491215RMJAGUAR85050PCS/BOX 638
276JAG0501219RMJAGUAR85050PCS/BOX 638
277JAG0511205SERMJAGUAR60050PCS/BOX 450
278JAG0521207SERMJAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
279JAG0531209SERMJAGUAR65050PCS/BOX 488
280JAG0541211SERMJAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
281JAG0551213SERMJAGUAR75050PCS/BOX 563
282JAG0561215SERMJAGUAR85050PCS/BOX 638



JAGP0011003RLJAGUAR+55050PCS/BOX 440
JAGP0021203RLJAGUAR+55050PCS/BOX 440
JAGP0031005RLJAGUAR+55050PCS/BOX 440
JAGP0041205RLJAGUAR+55050PCS/BOX 440
JAGP0051007RLJAGUAR+65050PCS/BOX 520
JAGP0061207RLJAGUAR+65050PCS/BOX 520
JAGP0071009RLJAGUAR+70050PCS/BOX 560
JAGP0081209RLJAGUAR+70050PCS/BOX 560
JAGP0091011RLJAGUAR+75050PCS/BOX 600
JAGP0101211RLJAGUAR+75050PCS/BOX 600
JAGP0111014RLJAGUAR+75050PCS/BOX 600
JAGP0121214RLJAGUAR+75050PCS/BOX 600
JAGP0131018RLJAGUAR+80050PCS/BOX 640
JAGP0141218RLJAGUAR+80050PCS/BOX 640
JAGP0150803RLJAGUAR+65050PCS/BOX 520
JAGP0160805RLJAGUAR+65050PCS/BOX 520
JAGP0170807RLJAGUAR+75050PCS/BOX 600
JAGP0180809RLJAGUAR+80050PCS/BOX 640



  • Kwadron long taper needle 50pcs/box
  • Kwadron are unquestionably some of the best needles ever made.
  • Kwadron are proud to present REAL MARVEL amongst the tattoo needle industry.
  • Each configuration is a combination or precision soldering super-mega-sharp elastic, long blades of increased hardness.
  • 90% of the market contains needles from ordinary mild steel, which can bend easily and the solder quality is very poor.
  • Movement of the working needles in the tip results in a strong friction, the friction of the regular needle does not hold.
  • Regular needles lose sharpness and even more dangerously, can leave filling under the skin.
  • The effect of tattooing with these kind of needles mean the skin needs several weeks to regenerate.
  • We guarantee that every needles in the package will be completely perfect evenly sharp needles ensure the highest quality of work.
  • Many reputable tattoo artist appreciated the quality of Kwadron needles.


LKWD00125,30,35/3RL LTkwadron140050PCS/BOX 1190
LKWD00225,30,35/5RL LTkwadron155050PCS/BOX 1320
LKWD00325,30,35/7RL LTkwadron170050PCS/BOX 1445
LKWD00425,30,35/9 RLLTkwadron200050PCS/BOX 1700
LKWD00525,30,35/11RL LTkwadron215050PCS/BOX 1830
LKWD00625,30,35/13RL LTkwadron225050PCS/BOX 1914
LKWD00725,30,35/15RL LTkwadron240050PCS/BOX 2040
LKWD00825,30,35/5RL LT-Tkwadron170050PCS/BOX 1445
LKWD00925,30,35/7RL LT-Tkwadron190050PCS/BOX 1615
LKWD01025,30,35/9RL LT-Tkwadron210050PCS/BOX 1785
LKWD01135/3RS LTkwadron150050PCS/BOX 1275
LKWD01235/5RS LTkwadron170050PCS/BOX 1445
LKWD01335/7RS LTkwadron190050PCS/BOX 1615
LKWD01435/9RS LTkwadron210050PCS/BOX 1785
LKWD01535/11RS LTkwadron220050PCS/BOX 1870
LKWD01635/13RS LTkwadron230050PCS/BOX 1955
LKWD01735/15RS LTkwadron240050PCS/BOX 2040
LKWD01835/7 TR LLTkwadron190050PCS/BOX 1615
LKWD01935/9 TR LLTkwadron215050PCS/BOX 1830
LKWD02035/11 TR LLTkwadron220050PCS/BOX 1870
LKWD02125,30,35/5MG LTkwadron160050PCS/BOX 1360
LKWD02225,30,35/7MG LTkwadron175050PCS/BOX 1490
LKWD02325,30,35/9MG LTkwadron190050PCS/BOX 1615
LKWD02425,30,35/11MG LTkwadron215050PCS/BOX 1830
LKWD02525,30,35/13MG LTkwadron215050PCS/BOX 1830
LKWD02625,30,35/15MG LTkwadron230050PCS/BOX 1955
LKWD02735/7 SEM LTkwadron170050PCS/BOX 1445
LKWD02835/9 SEM LTkwadron185050PCS/BOX 1575
LKWD02935/11 SEM LTkwadron200050PCS/BOX 1700
LKWD03035/13 SEM LTkwadron215050PCS/BOX 1830
LKWD03135/15 SEM LTkwadron230050PCS/BOX 1955



  • Maxpro conventional tattoo needles.
  • Every needles from the box are super tight and long taper for consistent ink flow and easily pierce in the skin.
  • Resulting less stigma on the skin. 
197MAX0011003RLMAXPRO60050PCS/BOX 450
198MAX0021005RLMAXPRO60050PCS/BOX 450
199MAX0031007RLMAXPRO70050PCS/BOX 525
200MAX0041009RLMAXPRO75050PCS/BOX 563
201MAX0051203RLMAXPRO60050PCS/BOX 450
202MAX0061205RLMAXPRO60050PCS/BOX 450
203MAX0071207RLMAXPRO70050PCS/BOX 525
204MAX0081209RLMAXPRO75050PCS/BOX 563
205MAX0090803RLMAXPRO70050PCS/BOX 525
206MAX0100805RLMAXPRO70050PCS/BOX 525
207MAX0110807RLMAXPRO80050PCS/BOX 600




NEED071209RSWHITE50050PCS/BOX  375